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All copyedit jobs will be 50% off through April 30, 2005.
Susan James, author of Manifesting 101, says, "I would most certainly be the first to recommend Janet for editing your book! She does a fantastic, incredible job.........!
and it took me having a great book already in order for her to secretly edit it, so that it would become The MasterPiece it now is!"

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(From the creators of "America's Most Unwanted")

Building Your Book From the Ground Floor Up
Many people dream of writing the great American novel, but few people ever do it. Maybe you have finally succeeded in building that bigger and better mousetrap and you want to tell everybody "how to." Many people envision writing a book--any book, be it fact or fiction. Some people do accomplish that goal. But often the case is that they have a great idea that could become a good-selling book, but they have no idea where to begin.
SOS! for Authors to the rescue! Yes, we have heard your cry for help. We want to respond. We want to give you a hand in making that dream come true. We will offer services that will carry you from the idea in your head and the blank computer screen in front of you all the way to signing your finished product at an honest-to-goodness bookstore.
We invite you to browse through the pages here to see where you fit into the ABC's of publishing your book. From a rank beginner to a full-fledged ready-to-go published author, it is our hope that you will find some help here.

We know that authors are not usually fabulously wealthy. Therefore, we will keep our rates at bargain basement prices. Come on; let's take a tour of the building, or as one person described it: a one-stop shopping mall for authors. Just click on the various pages on the menu above. Bon voyage!

Back by Popular Demand
The monthly Marketing Chat will resume in March, 2005 in our Chat Room, right here at SOS! for Authors. It will be held the last Thursday of each month.
March 2005 topic will be a discussion of the value of having your books in a brick-and-mortar bookstore and how to get them there.
Don't miss it if you want to be a "mover" and a "shaker" with your books!

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     Popular, tried-and-proven Promo Paks now available from SOS Authors. 19 simple step-by-step how-to programs that will take your books from"there" to "moving up the ladder" of success. Previously sold for $60.00; now just $19.95, (plus a free bonus of a direct link to 2 top newspapers in each of the 50 states). Hundreds of authors have become successful just by following these methods.
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From a real author's marketing guru on Janet Elaine Smith's Promo Paks:
These are great! I've been doing this full-time for 3 years now and didn't think there was any room to improve but you've shown me the error in my ways. The dual paks on bookstores, both indies and biggies, was invaluable, as was the info on how to contact, and where, your local and national newspapers. What a wealth of information for not only the beginning book promotor, but a seasoned pro like myself! Thanks for the opportunity to read this wonderful material. Both myself and my clients will benefit from the no doubt intensive and resourceful research you've conducted on our behalf!
Rusty Fischer, Author of GRASS ROOTS BOOK PROMOTION: Almost 300 FREE Ways to Promote Your Self-Published Book!
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