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Your solutions to Ho-Hum Sales! 

You thought when your book was published, people would flock to buy it. It never entered your mind that other than a few friends and relatives, the chances of anyone even knowing of your book's existence were slim to none.
You don't have any idea where to go to change it? How to get your books to "move"? Making your mark on the literary world? This won't guarantee you will climb onto the New York Times bestseller charts, but they will guarantee to make a big difference in the way your sales will go. The solutions are here; but they will never work unless you apply them. We provide the where-to and the how-to; the rest is up to you.
All of the information in these Promo Paks has been tested and proven to work by many people. They are all short, but very detailed step-by-step directions that will make a marked improvement in your sales--if you use them. And the fact-of-the-matter is, you might discovere that marketing can actually be fun!


1. Reviews: detailed instructions on how to get reviews, what to include, with a list of online sites which will post reviews and several print magazines that will review books.

2. Chats: how to get involved with chats conducted by various online writing sites, with a natural progression on how to get invited to be a guest author. Then on to how to create your own chats.

3. Service clubs: how to locate them, how to approach them, what to offer them, and a good list of many of the major national service clubs in America.

4. Online chat interviews: A great way to keep the mundane interviews from bogging down by doing an informal "live" interview.

5. Press releases: how to get them in all over the country by "customizing" your book to different geographical areas. Also includes a detailed up-to-date list of links to two major newspapers in each of the 50 states.

6. Family history: how to write and sell your family secrets without making enemies. Will give detailed instructions on what to include when you write your family history, as well as several libraries which specialize in genealogical collections. Also several genealogy magazines that are ripe markets in an ever-expanding field.

7. Inspirational writing: how to build your credits in this market, as well as how to make the leap from the small, non-paying periodicals to popular periodicals like Guideposts. Will include a list of some of the magazines, as well as many fictional book publishers in this hot niche. Even Harlequin is getting into the inspirational romance field!

8. Seasonal hits: Will show the writers how to gear their books at specific times of the year so they have a better chance of getting book sales. Will include a list of several "popular" books that fit this scenario so they can study what works.

9. Radio interviews: will provide a sample script, as well as instructions on how to steer the interviewer where you want him to go.

10. E-groups: How to create your own e-group and how to keep it active. Will also include a good list of many active writers e-groups that will not only provide good sales possibilities (yes, writers are good readers), but good moral support as well.

11. Search engines: how to make the best use of them. Tricks that will get you listed without much effort. Will provide a list of numerous search engines.

12. Teaching: how to share what you know by teaching classes through the public libraries, adult education, writers groups, etc. Will give a sample curriculum for a six-week course.

13. Newsletters: how to make your newsletter work for you. Will include how to get your information included in other authors newsletters.

14. Web sites: a walk-through with suggestions of what to include. Will include a walk-through Janet Elaine Smiths web site and why she has what she has.

15. Independent bookstores: how to get your books listed in thousands of online and brick and mortar bookstores without leaving home. Will include an online experiment that put Janet Elaine Smiths books in well over 1000 online bookstores.

16. Book signings: how and where to get them and how to make them a success. Suggestions for the "unusual" that will bring people runningeven if they dont like what you write. Will include how to set up a "group signing" even if you dont know any other authors. Also in this segment is information on contests.

17. Readings and lectures: how to get them scheduled and how to keep them from falling asleep.

18. The big chain bookstores: how to beat them at their own game and get POD books into them all across the country. Shows how to utilize the "friends and neighbors" philosophy to accomplish what the "big boys" claim is impossible.

19. On-site promotion: what to do so your book is known everywhere you go, without seeming obnoxious. Places to flaunt it, how tos on getting it recognized around the country. Useful phone tactics, etc. Lots of good examples in this one.

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Why should you have to pay for the advice that Janet Elaine Smith provides in her Promo Paks? After all there is nothing in them that is not common sense - promotional ideas that are so obvious after you read them that you know you should have thought of them yourself. But you didn't, did you? However, Janet did think of them -  and she has put these promotional ideas all together in common sense language that anyone from the novice author to the most experienced one can understand and benefit from. I may not be the most experienced author in the world, but I have paid my dues - and I can most certainly benefit from using the Promo Pak by Janet Elaine Smith. If you don't want to fork out the money for this little book, then that is your perogative - and your loss, if you want to sell books.

Kristie Leigh Maguire - Published Author/Columnist/Reviewer; and Founder of NUW (Not the Usual Way) Independent Authors Community

In December my book, "The Quilt Maker" will be released.  Though I've been published in many venues including several anthologies, this is the first book with my name only on the cover.  Now comes the scary part - I, me alone, have to "hawk," push and shove this book out into the public in order to sell all those copies.
I thought I had accumulated an entire list of all the people I could notify, approaches I could make for booksignings, gimmicky ways to promote my creation.  At the same time, I also was feeling a little depressed because I realized that I needed to do much more in order to get my stories out to people I was sure would love to read them.  But how?
Janet Elaine Smith came to my rescue and she can definitely do the same for you.  She offered to sell me her knowledge about promoting, not only my book, but also myself.  Her "Promo Pak" has offered me so many new ways to get the word out, I am amazed.  For example, did you remember to notify everyone on your Christmas card list (the old one with all the names on it!) about your wonderful masterpiece?  Janet even shows you how to create a promotional newsletter for everyone you think remotely interested in reading.
Everything is covered in this Pak - from how to get, setup for and do booksignings to various areas of online promotional ideas.  The collection of articles seems like a well-done workshop as it moves into such things as writing a press release and how to get the best people to review your book.
This Pak opened up so many methods of introducing my work I can't wait to get started.  Since I was born talking, I will certainly tackle booksignings, lectures and readings.  Too nervous to speak up?  Janet can show you how to promote without the butterflies caused by those face-to-face encounters.
What will I do next?  I don't think it's fair to give away all of Janet's creativity.  Get online, purchase "The Promo Pak" by Janet Elaine Smith.  Take my word for it, this Pak will set you up for success.

Barbara Deming
Contributing author to: "Forget Me Knots from the Front Porch" published by Obadiah Press.  Upcoming book: "The Quilt Maker" by Barbara Deming, published by Southern Star Publishing.

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