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The face of the force
behind SOS! for Authors




Author of 13 published novels
Author of 3 books on genealogy
Author of the Hallett family history
Author of The Flood of the Millennium
Hundreds of magazine articles published
Associate editor of Red River Valley Memories and Mysteries
Contributing editor of Heritage Quest Magazine
Author of many articles and columns in ezines
Successful marketer for two publishing companies
Winner of 2 Award of Achievements from RIO, 2005
Author of No. 1 bestselling (amazon) Dunnottar
Author of Affaire de Couer's best timetravel of 2003, Par for the Course
Teacher of genealogy
Teacher of fiction writing workshops
Founder of MinnDakota Genealogical Society
Wife, mother, pianist, organist, accordianist, all-around Jill-of-all-trades!
Director of Mission Socorro
Veteran of Korean War
Professional photographer
Instigator of the ideas behind some of Janet's books

Putting into practice the Biblical principle: give, and it shall be given onto you.
The writing community is one of the most giving groups of people you will find. SOS! for Authors is our attempt to give to all authors the tools they need to equip them for the career they want--all at very affordable prices. If you check out the "Comparison" page, you will find that there is nowhere else that you can get so much for so little. In turn, as the officer told Ivan, "Just do something good for someone else."

To give writers that "extra edge" they need in today's very competitive market of publishing. To make them into the "boy scouts" or "girl scouts" of the literary world who are prepared to follow their motto: be prepared. And to help others along the way by being sponsored by Mission Socorro.

Bethany Missionary College
Temple University
Moody Bible Inst. Literature Workshop
Moody Bible Institute
Ray Vogue School of Photography
University of California

About 50 years ago, a young soldier by the name of Ivan Smith was in the army, bound for Korea. After being home on leave, he had to get from Washington, DC to the base at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, MD. He did not have the money for the bus fare, so he approached the MP's. An officer bought him the ticket. Ivan asked him where he could send the money back. The officer replied, "Just do something good for somebody else."
That became the philosophy of Ivan's life. In 1965, he married Janet Hallett. They soon left for Venezuela, where they served as missionaries for several years.
When they returned to the US, they settled in the Red River Valley of MN and ND. There they established Mission Socorro, a tax-exempt religious (non-denominational), charitable and educational "helps" organization. The same concepts have been alive there for over 30 years. Socorro is the Spanish word for an immediate, desperate cry for help.
As Janet began her writing career, over 20 years ago, she has practiced the same principles of helping other writers. She has spent many hours directing the paths of authors who are trying to "break into the business."
Out of this has come this project: SOS! for Authors. SOS is a universal cry of distress. It also stands for Socorro's Online Services. All fees should be made payable to "Socorro." While they endeavor to help you through the classes and materials offered at SOS! for Authors, the money you spend here will not only fit you for your writing career, but will also help the families Mission Socorro assists on a daily basis.

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